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Selling your business may be the most important financial decision of your life. We know it takes years of hard work and dedication to build and run your company – make sure when it’s time to sell you have the right people in your corner. We are the trusted business brokers in Atlanta Midtown.

Do I need a business broker? How much is my business worth? I want to sell my business, where do I start? These are all questions business owners need answers to before starting the selling process. Transworld Business Advisors’ experienced business brokers in Atlanta Midtown will provide those answers and guide you through the selling process.

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How much is my business worth? That is the number one question our clients ask us when teaming up with Transworld Business Advisors. It is the first thing you need to know when selling your business. 

Our business valuation experts will take a detailed look at your company with you with one common goal – to list your business at the highest possible selling price. Once a valuation is reached that you are comfortable with and we know will sell on the market, we’ll launch our aggressive marketing campaign and tap into our global network of business brokers to get your business listing in front of the right buyers.


Allen Neese
Allen Neese
Former Owner of Point on Polish
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After 43 years of working long and hard, I’m now enjoying doing absolutely nothing—thanks to Karl at Transworld Business Advisors! For the last 24 years, I’ve had my own yacht and houseboat washing and waxing business on Lake Lanier. I knew it had value, with more than 100 regular customers, two vans and a collection of custom-made cleaning equipment. However, I didn’t know how to go about selling it. Karl is very personable and knowledgeable. He clearly explained the process to determine the price and found a buyer who paid what we asked—during a pandemic. I’ve been recommending Karl to my friends who are ready to sell their businesses and retire. It was much easier than I expected.
Steven Gu
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Karl and Anne at Transworld are great professionals and excellent exiting planner. They add lots of value to proactive business owners that are looking to position their businesses for future disposition. They take a holistic approach, and not just help sell the client’s business but more importantly also provide advice on areas that drive and maximize the underlying value of the business and do so from a future buyer’s perspective. I recommend 100%.
Leslie Deets
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Karl and Ann were instrumental in helping me sell my business. They were respectful of my intentions and found not only one but two qualified buyers. They kept me in the loop as requested with weekly updates even if there wasn't anything to report. Their patience in this transaction ultimately allowed me to close a chapter and leave my business in good hands. I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for knowledgable and very capable negotiators when it comes to closing the deal.
Shawn Talia
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Karl and Ann were both a joy to work with in the acquisition of a business. I had the pleasure of closing two deals in one day (one with Transworld and one with another marketplace broker). The level of customer service and support from Karl and Ann far surpassed that of the other broker. 10/10. Highly recommend.
Gabriel Bojanini
Gabriel Bojanini
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Transworld Business Advisors helped us to sell our business. They provided us the best advices and deals. The process was seamless. Their approach towards customer service is unique. We can’t imagine doing it without them. They made everything simple for us and effortless. We have recommended them to all are friends and family. Karl and his team are the people you can rely on and the will deliver the best
Stuart Sanders
Stuart Sanders
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We are delighted that when the time came to sell our business we connected with Karl and Ann Barham. Between their knowledge and the vast resources of Transworld we were taken care of at every step of the way. They were always accessible, talked us off the ledge a couple of times, kept things on track by minding all of the details, and ultimately brought us successfully to the finish line with the sale of our business. We were under contract in a few weeks and closed a few weeks after that. Excellent work by Karl and Ann and you'll be equally glad you chose them to help with your own business sale.
Chris Orlando
Chris Orlando
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Buying or selling a business is very difficult. Many business owners never planned for their succession. They don't know what they don't know because they haven't experienced it before. Karl Barham IS the resource that business owners need. Karl has the ability to analyze your business and guide you through the process. If you are considering buying or selling a business, your first call should be Karl at Transworld. He has the tools and connections to make your transaction successful and fruitful. You won't be disappointed.
Alicia Jovak
Alicia Jovak
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Karl Barham is a man of utmost integrity and character. His work ethics are commendable. Having done business together and referring clients to Transworld Business Advisors, I give them my highest recommendation. Karl’s team is exceptionally skilled and serve as a great resource to help you with business merger or acquisition needs.
Dan Wells
Dan Wells
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Karl represented the sellers yet he made it feel like he was representing me throughout the entire purchase process. I found Karl to be easy to speak to, easy to access, and very responsive during due diligence with additional document requests. All in all, I feel Transworld is a top business brokerage firm and one of the easiest to do deals with both as a buyer as a seller. Thanks Karl for the hard work and professionalism.


Free Business Valuation

Our experienced business brokers who specialize in selling businesses will determine a fair and confidential price your company should be listed at to achieve the highest possible profit.

Confidentially Network The Sale

After the business valuation process is complete, we use industry leading technologies and strategies to show your company to buyers all over the world. We have an established global network of business brokers that will confidentially network the sale.

Negotiate For You To Achieve The Best Price

Without experienced, expert negotiation techniques it will be difficult to achieve the best terms and best selling price for your business sale. Our business brokers are internally trained in negotiation through a proven, specially developed curriculum created specifically for our industry.

Close The Deal And Provide Support

We’ll be there through all the final steps that you may encounter at the end of the selling process such as lease assignments, inventory counts, administrative procedures, and licenses. We work closely with all parties involved to make sure there is a seamless transition.



Selling your business is a complex process that requires attention to detail and a large amount of time. As a business owner, your main focus should be on just that – running your business and increasing profitability, which translates into a higher selling price.

Hiring a business broker in Atlanta Midtown when selling your business allows you to continue focusing on running your business while not having to worry about those time consuming details. We will help you make the right decisions confidently when selling your business in Atlanta Midtown.

Call (770) 415-2999 to speak with a business advisor today. Our Google Reviews speak for themselves.


Transworld Business Advisors help business owners take the first step in selling their business.

At no cost to you, our seasoned brokers who specialize in selling businesses will determine an accurate and confidential valuation allowing you to seek the price you deserve when looking for potential buyers.

Simply fill out the form below and a Transworld Business Advisor will reach out to you to discuss your valuation in detail. We’re with you every step of the way.

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There is a great deal of variation in the time frame, but, if we had to pick an average time, eight to nine months may be close. While this may sound like a long time, all of the facets of selling a company, including listing the business, finding buyers, interviewing buyers, writing contracts, due diligence and finally the closing process are all time consuming.

Transworld has no upfront fees. We will analyze your company and go through the entire process with no cost to you. Your only obligation is when we find a buyer for your business. We traditionally receive our payment at closing.

The analysis of your business’ value or worth is another crucial function of the business intermediary. “The Market” makes the final determination of value. At Transworld, we have tremendous experience in valuing almost any business. Our estimates of value are not “certified business valuations” although we can provide this service for a fee. However, our experience and volume of comparable businesses allows us to give the business owner a very good estimate of value.

The lack of good business records is the single most common reason for a business sales deal to fall apart. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of maintaining good books and records before selling. This includes accurate financial statements, cash register receipts or whatever records are necessary to prove income and expenses. Of course, current tax returns are a must. However, we are used to selling businesses that may have less than adequate records.

Buying or selling a company can be a complicated venture. While some companies are sold without the help of accountants and attorneys, we strongly recommend that both the buyer and seller engage professionals.


Transworld Business Advisors is the world leader in the marketing and sales of businesses, franchises and commercial real estate. Whether you represent an acquisition-minded corporation, or are personally interested in owning your own company, Transworld offers the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together.

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